Institute of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care

Institute of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care


Theme: “Anaesthetic Challenges in Patients with Coagulation abnormalities”.

01 Physiology of Coagulation and Pre-operative evaluation of patient’s Coagulation Status - Dr.V.Nagasamy MD.DA.,

02 Management of 25 years old Primigravida with placenta accreta planned for Elective - Dr.S.Sridhar MD.DA.,

03 Perioperative management of patients on anticoagulant therapy - Dr.CatherineRatnasamy MD.DA.,

04 Perioperative management of 30 years old male with Haemangioma Right lobe of the liver ported for Lobectomy. - Dr.Lakshmi Kumar MD.,

05 Transfusion guidelines, Controversies and Management alternatives. - Dr. Pankaj kundra MD.,

WORKSHOP MMC (MACME 2017 Workshop)

  • The Anaesthesia Machine ( High Pressure System) – Dr.N.Ramya, Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology.
  • Low Pressure System – Dr.R.G.Sivabalan Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology.
  • Central Medical Gas System – Dr.E.Balaji Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology.
  • Intermediate Pressure System – Dr.A.Asha Assistant Professor in Anaesthesiology.
  • Circle System – Dr.E.Beulah.s.Elango, Postgraduate in Anaesthesiology.

PROGRAMME FOR MACME 2016 03/07/2016 (Sunday)

Theme: “Scopes in Anaesthesia”

01 Anaesthetic Challenges in FESS - Dr.D.ShunmugaPriya MD.DA

02 Anaesthetic Challenges in Trans sphenoidal Pituitary Surgery - Dr.M.ArulVelan, MD,D.M.

03 AnaestheticChanllanges in FOB guided Nasal intubation Dr.A.Ganesh MD.DA.,

04 Anaesthetic challenges in Rigid bronchoscopy for foreign body removal Dr.Akila

05 Anaesthetic Challenges in video Assisted Thoracic Surgery - Dr.Seetharaman

06 Anaesthetic Challenges in Laparoscopic surgery - Dr.Jeyalakshmi,M.D.,D.A.,

07 Anaesthetic Challenges in Cystoscopy / Hysteroscopy - Dr.K.Senthilkumar,M.D.,D.A.,

08 Wake up Vs Complete recovery - Dr.C.Sekar,M.D.,

PROGRAMME FOR MACME 2015 02/08/15 (Sunday)

Theme: “Challenges in Post Anaesthesia Care Unit”

01 Evaluation & Management of Arterial Hypoxemia - Dr.R.Mala MD.DA

02 Evaluation & Management of Low systemic Arterial Blood Pressure – Dr.C.Suganthalakshmi MD.DA

03 Role of Sonogram(Ultrasound) in PACU - Dr.S.Sarvanakumar MD.DNB.,

04 Evaluation & Management of Post Operative Oliguria - Dr.N.Gopala Krishnan MD.DM.,

05 Evaluation & Management of Delirium -Dr.Baskaran Jegadish MBBS,DA,FRCA,DEAA

06 Evaluation & Management of Post Operative Pain Relief in PACU - Dr.S.Bhuvana MD